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Welcome to Goodwin Elementary School,
where we believe in celebrating our diversity, our community, and our students.

We take pride in saying “We are Eagles!”

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Please review that email or our website to read important details, including an updated calendar for quarter two. Any printed calendars you may have posted around your home are now obsolete.

Grouping information for high school students will come at a later date.

Read More about Quarter 2 Calendars

By The Numbers

Top 10%

For the second consecutive year, Goodwin Elementary School received a designation of "Exemplary" from the Illinois State Board of Education! This means we perform in the top 10% statewide with no under-performing subgroups.

New Mission

This year Goodwin Elementary School worked with all stakeholders to re-craft our Mission Statement. This new student friendly Mission Statement will be the foundation for all of our decisions in supporting the whole child. "Goodwin students are kind, curious, resilient risk-takers!


Goodwin Elementary is the proud host site of 5 SPIRIT program classrooms which provide top notch educational opportunities for students who have communication disorders. The program is truly an amazing opportunity for all students to come together and learn, while celebrating the similarities and differences that each student at Goodwin has.


Collaborative Space - Over the past 3 years the Goodwin Building Leadership Team has planned together to create improved work spaces which promote the opportunity for both students and staff to collaborate more effectively.