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Lucia Goodwin (1863-1941) was born in Aurora. She was the daughter of Charles A. and Grace Kinney Goodwin. Her father was a pharmacist and partner in the drug store firm of Goodwin & Dorchester at 27 South River Street in downtown Aurora.

Miss Goodwin was ranked first in scholarship in the West Aurora High School Class of 1880. She was a graduate of the University of Iowa. She also received a master’s degree from Leland Stanford University.

She began her teaching career at South Lake Street School (later known as Abraham Lincoln School). She then taught fifteen years at the girls’ finishing school Ferry Hall at Lake Forest.

When she returned to Aurora, she became a math teacher and later head of the math department at West Aurora High School. She remained at West High until her retirement in 1936. At the time of her retirement, she lived at 338 Walnut Street. Goodwin was known as a strict disciplinarian, but exhibited patience and fairness with her students. She stood just over five feet tall but could “face down the biggest football player who wanted to go out for practice without getting his assignment done. “ According to the Aurora Beacon-News, “Hundreds of college students, especially those who took engineering and scientific courses, have been grateful to Miss Goodwin for the educational foundation she gave them.

She was a strict disciplinarian but had infinite patience and was fairness itself. Added to this she was master of her subject and could make others understand. As a result, her pupils got a preparation that often brought inquiries at colleges as to who had been the secondary instructor.”

After retirement, she spent considerable time in Fairhope, Alabama where Professor C.M. Bardwell, former superintendent of the East Aurora Schools, and his wife lived. Goodwin died of a heart attack at her home on March 6, 1941. She lived at 632 Downer Place at that time. Funeral services were held at the Healy Chapel. Burial took place at the Saint Paul Evergreen Cemetery in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Goodwin School was named for her in 1968.

luica Goodwin

lucia Goodwin

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